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Fort Greene

Brooklyn Heights

Vinegar Hill

Bed Stuy

Lower east side 


clinton hill

navy yard

private ceramics studio

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kiln firing 

ceramic kiln

Studio 606 is a multi-disciplinary studio with a space dedicated to ceramics. There is space for up to 9 members— each with their own private shelf space in addition to shared storage and working space. 

Ceramics-specific resources include: 

- Slop sink

- 22x27” electric kiln (Skutt KMT-1027) 

- 1x ceramics wheel
- Clay extruder
- Wedging slab

- Hand-building tables

- Table-top slab roller

The studio is best suited for moderately experienced ceramicists with a streamlined workflow, who either have been working from their home or need more space than a traditional community studio.


- One 24" x 48" private shelf is $300/mo

- Each additional private shelf is +$100/mo

- Firing is at electrical cost per kiln load ($15-60)

Our brand new Skutt KMT-1027-3 can also be rented for firings by non-members at the following prices:

Full Kiln: $240

3/4 Kiln: $200

1/2 Kiln: $160

1/4 Kiln: $120

Standard rates apply to firings up to cone 6; the kiln can fire to cone 10 for an additional fee. 


The Skutt KMT-1027-3 has a chamber that is 22" in diameter and 27" in height. The largest work it can accommodate is 20" in width by 24" in height.

Full kilns can usually be fired within 24 hours of drop-off. Less than full loads can usually be scheduled within 7-14 days. Please write with any questions or to schedule a firing. 

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